The Growing Role of Private Equity in Indian M&A Deals

Private Equity's Ascendant Role in Shaping India's M&A Landscape
Published by
Aneesh Sivakumar
June 12, 2024

The landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in India has witnessed a significant transformation over the past decade, driven largely by the increasing involvement of private equity (PE) firms. As these firms play an ever-growing role in the M&A space, understanding their impact and the mechanisms through which they operate becomes crucial for companies and investors alike. This blog post delves into the expanding footprint of private equity in Indian M&A deals, how platforms like Done Deal facilitate these transactions, and highlights notable case examples of PE-driven transactions.

The Increasing Involvement of Private Equity in India

Private equity firms have become major players in the Indian M&A landscape, contributing to the overall growth and dynamism of the market. Here’s why:

Capital Infusion and Growth Funding

PE firms bring significant capital resources, providing much-needed growth funding to companies. This capital can be used for expansion, diversification, or strengthening the balance sheet.

Strategic Expertise and Operational Efficiency

Beyond just funding, PE firms offer strategic guidance and operational expertise. They work closely with portfolio companies to streamline operations, improve efficiencies, and drive growth strategies.

Enhanced Deal Flow

The presence of private equity firms has increased the volume of deals in the market. Their active participation signals confidence and attracts more companies to explore M&A opportunities.

Sector Focus and Specialization

Many PE firms specialize in specific sectors, bringing deep industry knowledge and networks. This specialization helps in identifying and nurturing high-potential companies within their focus areas.

Exit Strategies and Liquidity

Private equity firms often have well-defined exit strategies, providing liquidity options for founders and early investors. This can be through IPOs, secondary sales, or strategic acquisitions.

How Done Deal Works with Private Equity Firms to Broker Deals

Done Deal plays a pivotal role in connecting private equity firms with potential acquisition targets and investment opportunities. Here’s how the platform supports these transactions:

Curated Deal Flow

Done Deal offers a curated selection of high-quality investment opportunities, tailored to the specific interests and criteria of private equity firms. This ensures that PE firms have access to relevant and strategically aligned deals.

Secure and Efficient Transaction Management

The platform provides a secure environment for managing all aspects of the transaction process. From initial discussions to due diligence and final negotiations, Done Deal ensures that all interactions are streamlined and confidential.

Comprehensive Due Diligence Support

Done Deal facilitates thorough due diligence by providing access to essential documentation and automated checklists. This helps PE firms assess the viability and potential of their investment targets effectively.

Collaborative Tools

The platform includes tools that enable seamless collaboration between PE firms, target companies, and advisors. This includes real-time communication features and document sharing capabilities, enhancing the efficiency of deal-making.

Market Intelligence and Insights

Done Deal offers valuable market intelligence and insights, helping PE firms stay informed about industry trends, market conditions, and emerging opportunities. This empowers them to make well-informed investment decisions.

Case Examples of Private Equity-Driven Transactions

Case Example 1: KKR’s Investment in Jio Platforms

Overview: Global private equity giant KKR invested $1.5 billion in Jio Platforms, the digital arm of Reliance Industries, as part of a broader fundraising effort.

Impact: The investment provided Jio Platforms with significant capital to expand its digital services, while KKR gained exposure to India’s rapidly growing digital ecosystem.

Case Example 2: Blackstone’s Acquisition of Mphasis

Overview: Blackstone, one of the largest private equity firms, acquired a controlling stake in Mphasis, a leading IT services company, for approximately $2.8 billion.

Impact: The acquisition allowed Mphasis to leverage Blackstone’s global network and expertise, driving its growth in international markets.

Case Example 3: TPG’s Investment in UPL

Overview: TPG Capital invested $1 billion in UPL, a major player in the agrochemical industry, to support its acquisition of Arysta LifeScience.

Impact: The investment facilitated UPL’s expansion and consolidation in the global agrochemical market, enhancing its product offerings and market reach.


The growing role of private equity in Indian M&A deals is reshaping the market landscape, bringing in substantial capital, strategic expertise, and operational efficiencies. Platforms like Done Deal are instrumental in bridging the gap between PE firms and high-potential investment opportunities, ensuring that transactions are executed smoothly and efficiently. By leveraging Done Deal’s capabilities, private equity firms can continue to drive impactful M&A activities, fostering growth and innovation across various sectors in India.

Embracing the evolving role of private equity in M&A can unlock new avenues for growth and success for companies and investors alike, positioning them for a prosperous future in the vibrant Indian market.

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