About Us

Founded by a team that has built, scaled, sold and bought companies in the past and know how painful & time consuming the process can be. Done Deal is our attempt to help founders painlessly navigate this process and enjoy the success of the companies they build.

Our Story

It takes a lot of courage and hard work to build a company and we believe those who chose this difficult path of being a founder, deserve to be rewarded. This is the mission with which we started Done Deal. We help founders navigate their way to success through acquisitions. Our aim is to build a painless, transparent & trusted platform that democratizes startup acquisitions. We have been through the cumbersome process of buying and selling companies before and have used our experience to iron out the hurdles and ensure you have a smooth & seamless transaction. We have partnered with some of the top legal & financial advisors to get you the best quality advice no matter how big or small you are. We are founders like you, we understand your struggle and we want you to succeed.

We keep it simple (please call us out if you find an unhelpful acronym anywhere!!!)

No jargon , No hidden costs, No retainer 

The Team

Rohit Raj


Been through the acquisition journey twice in his prev Startup’s and is hell bent on improving the experience.

Ankur Jain


IIT K alumni who has built Marketplaces, enterprise SaaS & Fintech products before. Been there, solved that.

Aneesh Sivakumar


IIM-B alumni, biotechnologist (under-utilised engineering degree) with (way too many) years of investment experience in domestic and global blue-chip funds