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Traser x Upscalio
is a Done Deal

Traser x Upscalio partnership signifies the successful divestment of a footwear brand by a house of brands, showcasing Done Deal's edge in connecting sellers with investors for growth opportunities.
Published by
Aneesh Sivakumar
June 10, 2024


House of brands had acquired a majority stake in a footwear brand and scaled it well. They were now looking to divest their stake due to internal prioritization where they had to focus on other brands which were in line with their strategy.


The footwear brand was listed on the platform sharing anonymous metrics such as their TTM revenue, monthly revenue, gross margins and profitability. The sellers had 10+ conversations with potential investors through the platform before they met an ideal match who was keen to reinvigorate the brand by backing the existing founders.


The brand was divested by the house of brands, possibly, an industry first in the Indian market and the deal was structured as a win-win-win for the sellers, the incoming investors and most importantly, the founders.

Done Deal Edge

The seller had spoken to several large players but needed quick access to smaller investors / acquirers who would want to back a 10-100 growth story. Done Deal has an array of potential investors including family offices and exited founders who were showcased the opportunity with conversations happening quickly with easy access to the company’s data. 

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